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Browse our collection of the top CBD Drinks brands on the market, including CBDFX, Cheerful Buddha, Canndid, Drink 420, Green Monkey CBD, CBD Asylum and many more.  You’ll find everything from CBD infused sparkling drinks and cordials to hemp tea and post-workout CBD power shots.

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What’s the difference between CBD drinks and normal drinks?

CBD drinks contain the added benefits provided by CBD, and they taste just as good If not better.

Do CBD drinks get you high?

No, CBD drinks will not make you feel high as they only contain a very small amount of THC, if any. Our range of CBD drinks contains 0% to 0.2% THC, which is the legal amount in the UK. The THC amount will be shown on each item’s description.

How many CBD drinks can I have daily?

Each drink will have its own content of CBD. The recommended daily amount of CBD for a healthy adult is 70mg. So depending on the strength of your chosen drink, make sure you do not exceed the recommended dose. Don’t worry if you do as the effects are marginal and won’t last very long.

Are CBD drinks safe for children?

Yes they are. It is not against UK law for parents to give CBD to children, but you are not allowed to purchase it yourself if you are under the age of 18. Many parents are choosing to give CBD to their children with conditions such as ADHD and Autism. CBD has also been reported to be effective at improving focus and treating seizures. Our CBD products start at 0% THC.

Are your CBD drinks Vegan?

Most of our CBD products are 100% Vegan. Please check product description before buying.

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